Why Is It So Blooming Hard Leaving A Narcissist?

by Christine Louis De Canonville

Leaving a romantic abusive narcissistic relationship is not like leaving any other abusive relationship, that is because it is so confusing for the victim, both at a cognitive and emotional level.

Toxic narcissists, with their antagonistic patterns of abuse, are master manipulators who use ‘gaslighting’ techniques from the very beginning of the toxic relationship. This form of covert aggression uses specific psychological categories of abuse with negative intent towards the targeted victim.

‘Gaslighting’ is a common feature of domestic violence where one person (i.e., the grandiose narcissist) deliberately sets out to erode the sense of reality of another (i.e., their targeted victim).

The average person mistakenly thinks that gaslighting behaviour is to do with the common phrases the narcissist uses to create a mental fog to confuse their victims.



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