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Originally posted to provided resources to help people through their respective lockdowns and restrictions we’ve decided to leave the page in place and update it from time to time. If some of the links are not working please let us know and we will update or remove them as necessary.

Below are some resources that we hope you may find useful in this tough time of isolation and social distancing [or just a rainy day stuck in at home with the kids/grandkids/cat/dog]. We’ve borrowed some of the links to resources from other sites to enhance our own list and will keep adding to it as time goes on so please check back from time to time to see what’s new.

Please be mindful that not everyone is kind or has good intentions and the Covid Pandemic has seen a massive increase in both Fake News and websites designed to Scam people out of their money: so please, be cautious with what you read and believe and what websites you engage with. With that in mind we’d appreciate it if you would note that we do not accept any responsibility for the content, claims or representations of the listed sites. 

Finally, we’ve had some lovely feedback from people who used this page so keep the comments coming. We’ll include any suggestions as appropriate. One of the latest can be found in our FOR FAMILY [INDOOR Activities] section which came from Michele and her two grandsons Jake & Sam in the U.S.A. It’s a great link to a site that has a large number of virtual sightseeing trips, ideal for planning your next real adventure! 

Here is a short [7 minute] video demonstrating a very effective self-soothing exercise which can be helpful to all but especially those on the Front line who are experiencing high levels of stress and trauma: The Butterfly Hug


  • FOR KIDS [and parents & guardians of kids]
  • FOR FAMILY [INDOOR Activities]




If your mood is regularly lower than usual and you lack interest in or don’t get pleasure from activities that were previously enjoyable then you may be suffering from ‘Depression’. Given the current situation it is ‘normal’ that many people will feel a level of depression as we adjust to the situation. Such feelings are to be expected: they will pass, your task is to try and not let them get in on you! 

Help in tackling low mood:

On tackling rumination:

[Rumination: persistent mulling over of past events. “Post-morteming”: the questioning of past actions, which only serves to help you ‘re-live’ negative situations resulting in a lower mood.] 

If your moods are persistently low then talk with someone you trust, book a session with a counsellor/therapist. You’re not alone: there’s LOTS of help out there.

  • Pieta House 1800 247 247 or text HELP to 51444. 
  • Talk to the Samaritans on freephone 116 123 or text 087 2 60 90 90. 
  • Emergency services (999 or 112).
  • You may also contact Pieta House, (1800247247).
  • Aware are available from 10am-10pm (1800804848).
  • Your Mental Health Line  (1-800-742444) provides further numbers as needed.



Anxiety results from our overestimation of danger, or risk, & our underestimation of your ability to cope.

This nice short video explains the normal, natural human response to ‘unusual’ or threatening situations: our  “Fight, Flight, Freeze” response.


Stress is our emotional and physical response to pressure. When we feel there are too many demands, and too few resources to cope = PRESSURE!!

This worksheet will help you identify things that stress you some ideas on how to deal with them: and

[Further detailed information on Depression, Stress and Anxiety can be found on Therapist Niamh Connolly’s website ]


There are a number of excellent sites that have freely accessible information on the various mental health issues – my favourites are: Lots and lots of information sheets, guides and summaries, nice graphics, and easy to use/follow. resources, a little bit more ‘technical’/complex – formulations, theories, etc. This Australian site has the most detailed resources available for free – lots of issues covered in 7/8 part workbooks, that you can work through yourself in your own time.

[Thanks to Niamh Connolly at for this list: some great information on her site]

FOR KIDS [and parents & guardians of kids]

The Cookie Monster and Headspace teamed up to explain meditation (and patience) to young kids in this video

A ‘Breathing Book’ for mindfulness: A great try, see and feel book for the young…and not so young!


Hundreds of free audio stories for children…

RTE Classroom

BBC Teach Live Lessons for primary schools

Kids Yoga

Even children can feel anxious due to COVID19, but how to explain what these emotions are to them and how to help them manage it? Join Majella Ryan in this new video, where she will explain this in a playful way. Check it out here:



Great resources for Teens and Parents of Teens

Some very helpful ‘leaflets’ for young adults on an array of topics can be found on DCU’s website

Free Coding:

Free Guitar Lessons:

Free Piano Lessons:


Finacial Guidelines.

General Advice.



Road Trip from Home: Virtual Field Trips  [When you can’t go globe-trotting, sometimes you have to get creative and let your mind do the exploring. This is where virtual field trips become a great alternative.] Click the link to virtually travel  [Thanks you to Jake & Sam in the U.S.A. for sharing this, one of their favourite sites with us: we loved it guys!! Thank you both.]

Audible just made hundreds of titles completely free to help during coronavirus crisis

A great list of places you can ‘virtually’ visit for a good time ‘out’

Visit some of the World’s finest Galleries:



Every thought of learning to do Mindfulness. A fantastic resource can be found on the DCU website: try each one in turn, once or twice a day, for a few days and then move on to the next. Produced by Helena Ahern, the Head of DCU’s Student Counseling Service, of all the online tutorials available these podcasts are amongst our favourites due to their excellent quality and simplicity. Enjoy…

The free booklet to accompany these podcasts can be found here

For Sleep: Love this App from Pzizz. If you have any trouble sleeping what have you got to lose: give it a go for a few nights [it’s free for 30 days]

For Couples: On communicating during lockdown:

How to Remain Optimistic During Difficult Times: Click Here

CLAN YOGIS TO THE RESCUE! Free online Yoga classes which will provide some much needed movement and relaxation for kids (and parents!). How to get access? Choose the class and register. 1h before class I will email you a link to join the class live. Go to 

Nice worksheet on how to treat ourselves with more Compassion and kindness:

20DV  Choose the class and register. 1h before class I will email you a link to join the class live. Digital dance studio bringing you online tutorials from world renowned street dance group Diversity!  COMPLETELY FREE UNTIL MAY the 1st!!

Healing Light Meditation and other simple tools that can help calm anxiety 

HEADSPACE are offering free access here

A great resource from the guys that brought you the ‘Calm’ App

Free, Short Yoga Classes:

Finally, this Blog is fantastic in how it provides very simple ‘Steps’ to deal with most human mental wellness issues such as dealing with stress, anxiety, shyness, annoying people: the list is endless and it’s a great resource.





Give a thought to possibly upskilling with these (relatively inexpensive, if not free) courses.

The Science of Well-Being Free course from Yale University


An extensive list of free resources, with many good entertainment ideas can be found here: Give Back – Directory of free products / services available during COVID-19

Another good list can be found here: Covid 19 Resources on www.StrongerByThe





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