The Team

Below is a list of our therapists who are currently working by video and/or phone and the days they are available. Just click on their name or scroll down the page to see their profile.

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Our Senior Counsellors.

Barbara is available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for Video/Phone Counseling.

Jack is available Monday to Friday for Video/Phone Counseling.

Kasia is available Monday evenings and Friday mornings for Video Counselling.

Liz is available Monday to Thursday for Video/Phone Counseling.

Orla is available by request for Video/Phone Counseling.

Patricia is available by request for Video/Phone Counseling.

Robert is available Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Video/Phone Counseling.

Our Low Cost Counsellors

Anne is providing Video/Phone Counseling on request.

Lisa is available on Monday & Tuesday (daytime) and Wednesday & Thursday (evenings) for Video/Phone Counseling.

Tom is providing Video/Phone Counseling on request.


Robert Mooney

Robert Mooney MIACP

Depression, Suicide, Loss Grief & Bereavement, Sexuality issues

Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Anne Quinn

Anne Quinn

Using Art psychotherapy with mental health issues such as depression, dementia, anxiety and bereavement

Availability: Anne is available in Malahide on Saturdays 10am - 3pm


Barbara Foley MIACP

Barbara Foley MIACP

Depression, suicide, low self esteem, anxiety, grief & bereavement, carers support, sexuality issues.

Availability: Wednesday & Thursday

Jack Sheehan MIACP

Jack Sheehan MIACP

Depression, suicide, low self esteem, anxiety, grief & bereavement, carers support, sexuality issues.

Availability:  Thursday Afternoons and Evenings

John Byrne


Consultant specialising in: People & Behavioural Change, Performance Improvement, Leadership Development & Coaching

Availability: Fridays or by appointment.


Kasia Purcell

Kasia Purcell MIAHIP

Working with children, adolescents and adults, trauma, adoption, bereavement, anxiety, depression, personal development

Availability: Fridays 9am - 1pm.

Lisa Brennan

Low Cost Counselling coordinator

General Counselling, Depression, Suicide, Anxiety, Bereavement.

Low Cost Counselling Availability: Mondays and Tuesday mornings.


Liz Buckley MIACP

Liz Buckley MIACP

General therpay, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Bereavement.

Availability: Monday to Thursday inclusive.

Orla Duff

Orla Duff MIACP

Couples & individuals who are experiencing relationships difficulties.

Availability: Monday and Wednesday.


Patricia Klinkenbergh

Patricia Klinkenbergh MIAHIP

Nursing, both Mental Health and General Humanistic and Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist accredited with IAHIP

Availability: Tuesdays & Wednesday afternoon & evenings.

Tom Whelan

Tom Whelan

Depression, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Low Self Esteem & Anger Issues.


Availability: Wednesday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Noel Sweeney

Noel Sweeney MIACP

Noel is no longer living in Ireland. Please see his Profile for an update.

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Our Normal Availability Has Been Suspended until We can resume normal work practices.

Robert Mooney MIACP:
Ph: 087 281 7385
Anne Quinn
Ph: 085 742 4964
Barbara Foley MIACP
Ph: 085 104 6419
Jack Sheehan MIACP:
Ph: 085 202 1951
John Byrne
Office: 01 845 4656
Mobile: 086 811 6101
by Appointment
Kasia Purcell MIAHIP:
Ph: 087 963 7392
Lisa Brennan:
Ph: 089 212 2083
Liz Buckley MIACP:
Ph: 086 256 0996
Orla Duff MIACP
Ph: 086 832 6880
Patricia Klinkenbergh MIAHIP:
Ph: 086 601 6371
Tom Whelan
Ph: 085 722 8188
________9:00am 2:00pm____________
Noel Sweeney MIACP:
See Noel's Profile