It is not intended that our blog be just a re-posting of other people’s work but this short message from Sir Richard Branson contains a nice message that may be worth considering if you have had a ‘falling out’ with someone. At times the thoughts of that argument or falling out can leave us feeling anxious and stressed: maybe there is something you can do to help refuce the negative feelings you have about the the person and your falling out!


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While the year is new and fresh starts are the order of the day, ring up somebody you have fallen out with, invite them out and give them a hug.

It may not work, but at least you will have tried. They may berate you, and say that the fallout was all your fault. Let them do so and still try to make friends.


Life’s too short to leave any enemies. If Nelson Mandela could forgive people who locked him up for 27 years, the least we should be able to do is befriend people we have had little fall outs with.


In the aftermath of the BA Dirty Tricks campaign against Virgin Atlantic, I made an effort to make friends with Sir Colin Marshall from BA. He came round to my house and we had breakfast. We put it all behind us and remained on good terms until he sadly passed away in 2012.

There are two sides to every story and by compromising you can make a friend and add a little more happiness to the world.

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