I was going to write about the stresses of Christmas when I saw that someone had written a piece far better than I could have. Though aimed at a ‘younger’ audience it hits the main points of stress, anxiety, loneliness and at times isolation, loss and grief that we can feel at this time of year. Key to surviving the ‘silly’ season is to remember that a) you are not alone, b) most of the sh*t that goes on around you has nothing to do with you; it’s not your fault and c) that if you are feeling down, talk to someone; share your worries, concerns and troubles: don’t bottle it up!


Driving home for Christmas?

With just under two weeks to go until the madness ends (or is that begins?) it’s quite likely most of us have already made plans for Christmas. But, that doesn’t mean everyone’s happy with their arrangements.

Nothing can cause stress or tension like the feelings of obligation at this time of year. Maybe you have to invite so-n-so for lunch, or feel you ought to be spending it in one place but you’d rather be elsewhere.

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