Information regarding Covid 19 for Clients attending for therapy sessions.

For Clients Attending Malahide Counselling & Psychotherapy [Revised September 2020]

  •  If you feel unwell and suspect you may have Covid-19 please do not come to the Practice: cancel your appointment and contact your G.P.
  • Please do not arrive early for your appointment as we will no longer provide an area for waiting. If you are early you may be  asked to remain outside until your therapist has had adequate time to disinfect and prepare the room for use.
  • Please try not to be late. We understand ‘life happens’ and sometimes a delay in unavoidable, however, therapists are operating to strict appointment times so as to minimise movement and contact with others in the building so the less late arrivals the smoother things will run.
  • Please wear a mask/visor on arrival and entering the building.
  • Please wait in the hallway where you will be met by your therapist and have your temperature checked.
  • Upon entry please use the hand sanitiser provided in the hallway.
  • Once seated in your therapy room you may discuss removing your mask with your therapist. [As each therapist has their own preference for the use of masks/visors in their room we’d ask you discuss the matter directly with them]
  • If you removed your mask/visor for your session please put it back on prior to leaving the therapy room.


  • The introduction of set appointment times and the requirement to clean each therapy room after every session again means that any flexibility on your finishing up time that you may have been given in the past is no longer possible. If you have arrived late your appointment will by necessity have to finish at the scheduled time.
  • Please try to avoid using your bare finger to press the bell [as bell pushes, lift buttons etc are common areas of infection]. Whilst the ‘Bell Box’ will be cleaned regularly in your own best interest try avoid touching this as well as the door itself upon entering. It’s always helpful if you ring the correct bell.
  • Whilst we will still happily provide water and tissues for you if you need them, in the interest of hygiene it is preferable that you bring your own water bottle and some tissues.
  • Please bring as few personal items [bags, backpacks, etc] with you as possible.
  • If you bring your own coffee/drink with you in a disposable cup we’d appreciate it if you could take your drinks container with you when you leave.
  • The toilet is stocked with disinfectant, paper towels and wipes: we suggest you wipe any surfaces you touch whilst using the facilities. Please do not flush any disinfectant wipes you use: place them in the bin provided instead. 
  • Hand sanitising gel will be available in all therapy rooms as well as various points in the building. 
  • Please adhere to the recommended HSE coughing & sneezing guidelines. 
  • When your session is over [toilet visits aside], we’d ask that you use hand sanitiser and leave the premises as directly as possible to allow your therapist time to clean in preparation for their next client. 
  • For Contact Tracing purposes all clients will be required to complete a Covid-19 screening form [sample form below] which will include a request for permission to allow Malahide Counselling & Psychotherapy to release their First Name and Mobile number to the relevant bodies should such a request be made.
  • We’ve had to introduce set appointment times for each therapy room so we would be appreciative of your understanding if your therapist can’t give you the flexibility in your appointment time that you may have been used to in the past.


To ensure the Safety & Health of all people interacting with Malahide Counselling & Psychotherapy, Clients must complete this declaration form prior to commencing their first therapy session on or after May 18th 2020. At any subsequent sessions your therapist will verify the answer you give below are still applicable

If you indicate to us you have symptoms of COVID-19 OR you have been abroad in the last 14 days with exception to Northern Ireland you should not be attending the practice. Where this is the case, you will be asked to leave the premises and advised to seek professional medical help/assistance.


1 Have you visited any of the countries outside Ireland excluding Northern Ireland?  Yes / No
2 Are you suffering any flu like symptoms/symptoms of coronavirus covid-19?  Yes / No
3 Are you experiencing any difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath?  Yes / No
4 Are you experiencing any fever like/Temperature symptoms?  Yes / No
5 Did you consult a Doctor or other medical practitioner? Yes / No
6 How are you feeling Healthwise?  Well / Unwell
7 Have you been in contact with someone who has visited an affected region

in the past 14 days? 

Yes / No


NOTE: When attending the Practice, please adhere to our on-site standard procedures regarding infection control, i.e. hand washing/hand sanitising and general coughing/sneezing etiquette. 

In the event that Malahide Counselling & Psychotherapy are asked to provide details of persons who have visited their premises for the purposes of Contact Tracing, I consent to the release of my ‘First Name & Mobile Number’ to the requesting body/authority. 

Malahide Counselling & Psychotherapy will follow the HSE & NSAI protocols to keep it’s Clients and Therapists as safe as possible from Covid 19 and will not be held responsible by any individual or group should they contract the virus.  

  • Please tick the box to show you agree.

Client Signature: ________________________________Date:_______________________

Mobile Phone Number:_________________________________