Free Consultation

Due to unprecedented demand for our services we have had to suspend our 30 minute free consultations, however any of our therapists will be happy to have a short chat with you to answer questions and address any concerns you may have about therapy.  


If you have something that is bothering you, causing you stress or anxiety or is preventing you from being your true and happy self then you could very likely benefit from counselling.

As therapists we get asked many questions about therapy and you may have even asked yourself some of them. Examples of the questions we are asked are...

  • Who is counselling or psychotherapy for?
  • Does the issue have to be really serious before I go: is my issue serious enough?
  • I've heard counselling is really expensive and that I could be attending for years: is this true?

Everyone of us is different: our issues and the affect they are having on us is unique to each one of us which makes giving general answers to the above (and many other) questions quite difficult. That is why we'd like to meet you and simply chat with you about Counselling, Psychotherapy, what is bothering you and how we may be able to help. Once you have met with us and have been given answers to your questions you will be in a better position to decide for yourself as to whether you would benefit from attending therapy.

To have your questions about therapy answered please call/text the therapist that suits your requirements [in terms of issue and availability] or email with your questions.

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