Signs of emotional abuse

Signs of emotional abuse “Emotional abuse is domestic abuse, and it’s crucial that we all learn the early warning signs and call out controlling and coercive behaviour when we see it. Classic warning signs include: love bombing (when your new partner is excessively attentive and keen to rush through the early stages of a new … Read more

Emotional abuse: ‘My fiance seemed perfect – but he wanted to control me’

Emotional abuse: ‘My fiance seemed perfect – but he wanted to control me’ This Article is taken from The BBC website [] and was published on 6 August 2019   When Anna, an actress, fell in love with an older and more successful actor he seemed like the perfect man. They quickly became engaged – … Read more

Intrusive Thoughts: Normal or Not?

Am I a terrible person for thinking that? Posted on Psychology Today’s website on Oct 24, 2011 Anger, fantasies, fear, despair, and obsessions—what is normal and what is not? Is your husband drinking too much? When does sadness become depression? What do those thoughts about your best friend’s wife really mean? We hope to … Read more

Rolling in the muck is not the best way of getting clean.

[Original article can be found here:] Plant the seed of self-mastery in your client’s mind and watch them grow Let me share with you a therapy tale I told to an angry, bitter, guilty client: Once there lived an old man who kept all different kinds of animals. But his grandson was particularly intrigued … Read more