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Now that school and college is drawing to an end, who’s not looking forward summer?

Letting the hazy days drift by sounds idyllic. The reality however can be quite stressful, especially if you’re broke and feel like you’ve nothing to look forward to.

But, even if you are budgeting, it doesn’t mean these months have to be a total drag. We’ve put together a few points to help the summer pass more smoothly.

1. The best things in life are free

Ok, it doesn’t always feel like that, but having fun might just require a bit of creativity. Wherever you live, there’s likely to be something happening nearby.

Pick up leaflets, look at posters and give it an ‘aul google.If you’re not aware something’s going on, how can you take part?  You might be amazed what’s on offer.

2. Give it a go

At least consider trying something before turning it down. Who knows what you’ll enjoy until you give it a shot?

How about volunteering? The people we meet or things we learn can be surprising. What’ve you got to lose?

3. Turn off the TV

Not indefinitely. But, if you normally get by without mid-morning TV, try not to pick up the habit.

It’s incredible how much time there is to do other stuff or meet up with friends when we’re more selective with the shows we watch.

4. Don’t be a stranger

Make an effort to socialise. When the days start to slip into one another it’s easy to loosen the grip on your social life.

Perhaps you could be the one to pick up the phone? Maybe a friend is also feeling a bit lonely and would love to hear from you.

5. Move that body

The spare time this summer could be the perfect excuse to shake the dust off your runners and start improving your fitness.

Before you know it, your energy can improve, you might sleep better and you may have a new exercise routine.

6. Chill

It sounds ridiculous, what else is this break for? We’re often so used to routine or worried about wasting time we don’t actually relax.

Make an effort to really enjoy your time out from study or work. It may seem like it now, but the summer won’t last forever.

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