Our offices are temporarily closed for Face-to-Face work, however our therapists are available to offer online or phone support. For further details contact one of our THERAPISTS.


Welcome To Malahide Counselling

At some time or another we all face difficulties and challenges in our lives. At times these troubles can feel overwhelming, often leaving us feeling helpless and alone. People seek therapy for many different issues such as Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Loss, Bereavement or Addiction issues. At other times people have issues which are deeply entrenched, that have been ‘bubbling away’ for some time and are now seeking attention. Talking with a therapist can help alleviate the stress and help a person learn to cope with their situation in a better way.


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Our therapists are members of recognised accrediting bodies IACP, IAHIP, NAPCP and BACP.

Low Cost Counselling


We have gathered together some RESOURCES to help people manage their way through this extremely strange and troubling time. We are all human and all, to some degree, experiencing stress, anxiety, loss and general worry. Hopefully the resources will in some way help you cope with levels of feeling you are not used to or to just pass the time. Stay Well and Stay Safe everyone. This too shall pass.Low Cost Counselling Service

LOW COST COUNSELLING. In an effort to make Counselling as accessible to as many people as possible we are able to offer a limited number of appointments* at a reduced fee with a fully qualified therapist. Low Cost Appointments are available to students, the unwaged and those who are struggling financially. Our current Low-cost counsellors are:

Monday & Tuesday: Lisa 089 212 2083 or Lisa@malahidecounselling.com

WednesdayTom 085 722 8188 or Tom@malahidecounselling.com

Friday & Saturday: Anne 085 742 4964 or  Anne@MalahideCounselling.com

For further information please contact the therapist working on the day that suits you best. 

*Due to demand for this service clients may have to go on a short waiting list until a space becomes available: appointments will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.